Wednesday, September 4, 2013

About Me

As a student at the University of Notre Dame, I am constantly being challenged -- in academics, in my personal life and in my faith life. Faith has always played a central part in my life, but upon entering Notre Dame, my understanding of Catholicism was still in its building block stages. My faith correlated with my intellectual development, I believed in Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church because that’s what I grew up with. In the past three years, I have discovered a greater appreciation for my faith. Notre Dame has taught me to approach my faith similar to how I approach my studies, to challenge and to question it in order to form a greater understanding. Without being challenged and tested, my faith is something that would constantly change according to societal norms, passing from one fad to the next. As I enter my last year at Notre Dame, I seek an even greater knowledge of the Church’s many and complex teachings. I can’t promise perfection, but I hope we can engage in a fruitful conversation leading to a greater appreciation and love of Christ. 

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